"Mi musikalske reise" (My musical journey)

  (c) Jannike Kayser      

Jannike Kayser was born on the 30th of september 1957 in Indonesia. She is an educated nurse. After suffering a serious injury in november 1996 she is dependent of a wheelchair and in continously pain. What helps is flowers, animals, nice people and writing poems and composing songs.

The last few years she has written lyrics and music to several songs.

In english

Jannike Kayser's CD, "Mi musikalske reise" (My musical journey) from 2007 is still available.

The CD is packed with nice tunes that imidiately catches the ear of the listener. Try for yourself and you will soon ble humming along to the catchy songs. The melody adds flavour to the poems and together they form a very strong unity. The norwegian, french and english songs each get a special atmosphere that underlines the language of the original poem.

Enclosed with the CD is a booklet with all the lyrics.

You can listen to excerpts from the CD here.

The CD is prised at 20 euro and you can order by sending an e-mail to Jannike (10% of the revenue goes to research on spinal chord injury).

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2007 (c) Jannike Kayser
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